Read testimonials from people who have attended past Sizelove Saves Parties:

Janet’s coupon class has already saved me two car payments in 2 months. Gathering the coupons are easy and relaxing. Shop the sales and you can save a lot. It has become a fun game for me to see how much I cam save. My best week was $184.38 worth of groceries and I paid $18.27.
-April Harrell

This coupon class can truely work for anyone. At first, I didn’t think I would have the time to clip and save enough coupons to see a big return. Janet showed me that even devoting just an hour a week could cut an average of 40-45% off my weekly grocery bill. Since I went to the class in July I have saved well over $800!
-Molly White

Janet’s coupon class has helped me save, on average, about $70-80 a week! I usually break even as far as what I save and what I spend. It’s really a great feeling to save all that money, especially in these economic times. I was already cutting coupons before I attended her class but Janet was able to provide new tips on how to get the most out of your coupons.

My husband made fun of me for getting into this whole coupon thing but now that he sees how much money I save, he gets excited about it too!
-Melissa Wrensch


One response to “Testimonials

  1. Beth Carlisle

    Janet’s coupon class inspired me to try a little harder to save money. I have gone from having a $100+ weekly bill to staying around $50-$70. That alone has made me a happy camper! I am trying to make my weekly savings 50% or better, but that has been difficult for me. I am matching coupons to sales, clipping and using them. I’m working hard to get there and Sivelove Saves keeps inspiring me all the time!

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