75% Ain’t Bad!

Today’s Publix run wasn’t my best, but who can really complain about saving 75% off your bill? I bought so much that it wouldn’t all fit on my counter top, so thus the two pictures. I am a little disappointed with myself for going over my New Year’s resolution amount of $50 a week, but I have a lot for my depleted stockpile (after finishing the Pantry Challenge), items for Coupon Party goody bags, and great produce! I was even able to get an awesome deal on one of my hubby’s favorites – deli Genoa Salami! I could almost give it to him for Valentine’s Day he loves it that much. 🙂

So here are my numbers:
Spent $62.34
Saved $188.31

Part of my great savings came from a $5 Publix gift card that Publix mailed me last week. Around Christmas time I emailed the corporate office a request for a Publix calendar (they were full of great coupons, but only available in FL), but they were not able to send me one. I got the $5 gift card instead! Thanks Publix! You really do have awesome customer service!



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3 responses to “75% Ain’t Bad!

  1. Love it!!! I can’t wait to do this next week. We are going to the mountains next weekend so we really don’t need anything for this week. I also can’t stockpile since we are moving in May. Want to deplete our stash before we move. 🙂

  2. selenasays

    Girl!!!! Check you out! You did awesome!!!!!!I love to see a stockpile like that.

  3. What a great idea emailing corporate! I’ll have to remember that.

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