My Best EVER Publix Trip!

Today I had my best shopping trip EVER to Publix, hands down! I decided to shop today in order to use up some of my matching coupons with the Green Advantage Buy Flyer. I had many medicine-type products that gave me excellent overage this month, including Bayer, Phazyme, Sundown Vitamins, and J&J First Aid Kits. Overage is when the price of the item is less that the amount of coupon “money” I have for it. Basically, Publix paid me to take all of these items. They paid me so much, that I got ALL of my groceries for FREE! I only paid the tax – $7.94! So I bought $144 worth of groceries for about $8! That is 95% savings!! These are the items I purchased: mushrooms, spinach, 2 ribeye steaks, 2 yoplait yogurt packs, Bob Evans Mashed Potatos, Tyson Beef Tips, Italian Sausage, 4 J&J First Aid Kits, Hidden Valley Ranch, 2 Pace Salsa, 2 Rotel, 4 Sundown Vitamins, 6 Phazyme, Publix Coffee, 10 Bayer Aspirin, and 6 Hallmark Cards.



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2 responses to “My Best EVER Publix Trip!

  1. Becky Robison

    Wow, Janet!! I so wish you lived nearer and I could bask in your saving-ness! 🙂

  2. GREAT JOB!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your blog with me!!
    Michelle @ I Heart Publix!

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